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Greets to all here !

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06:07:52 13.05.2009

Erstellt am: 06:07:52 13.05.2009Zitieren

Guess some folks here are aware that hoyle sierra closed
down, so lots of people were left pachisiless til we found your
site. I speak french and english but not german, so my apologies, wish I could communicate easier on your forums.

Site here reminds me a bit of so anyway ty for having
pachisi here. If any admin reads my post, I would like to know if you intend to have an english mirror of your site or a french one at that in any future?


20:08:39 13.05.2009

Erstellt am: 20:08:39 13.05.2009Zitieren

yes, but i need a translator for french

some of the french guys helped here a lot, but it is not easy without someone that i can talk with in english or german

i received already the translation for the gameroom kniffel in french and did the english one myself

if you are able to help translating the mainsite into french that would be highly appreciated ! and we would open a new mirror for that
we will use for that

the next question would be... do you only need the language... or do you also need tournaments... for tournaments...

to establish tournaments in other languages i need your structure .... that means...
in germany we have clubs...every club has a leader... and several members... the members are organising the tournaments (creating rules and releasing the "Z" which means that the user is allowed to join a tournament table) tournament tables are 25 to 51 ... 51 is just for virtual catering (kidding)

we as flipside administrators are organising the tournament times...that means... a club says "can i get monday 8pm" and we are releasing this tournament to the club... the club leader organises everything for monday 8pm on its own until we are deleting that tournament... organising means... taking care that a member of the club is there at 8pm ... taking care that the information on the tournament is released in our calender

normally the club gets a tournament time for an unlimited time until they stop organising tournaments !

every club member gets a green skin in the userlist...
they are only allowed to enter the room with this skin for organising tournaments... 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after finishing the tournament... with the skin they have access to the tournamenttools...

enough writing for today...
keep in touch


Java und JavaScript zu vergleichen, ist fast noch daemlicher als Marmor in Marmorkuchen zu suchen.

03:06:02 14.05.2009

Erstellt am: 03:06:02 14.05.2009Zitieren

Thank you for replying Azrael,

I definetly can help and volunteer free time
to help translate, no problem! I'll get started
working on the french version of the main site
upon your request. As for tournaments, I know
that they were popular at HoyleSierra (casses ladder )
I myself never played in them since I'm just a casual
player and my wife and her friends were always playing
direct tournaments "for fun" but she tells me that
there were lots of people using

Some of her friends are members here
I can get the details for you eventually of the structure
of these tourneys since my wife knows one of the

Also, anything else I can help with, just let me know.
I'll get that translation done as soon as possible!

Talk to you later

19:21:36 14.05.2009

Erstellt am: 19:21:36 14.05.2009Zitieren

thank you !

i will contact you as soon as we have a new sitelayout

with the new languages we will bring up the layout too ...
than it goes in one big shot as inserting another language is like doing a whole new sitelayout

hopefully our graphic guy can produce it next week

we'll keep in touch
Java und JavaScript zu vergleichen, ist fast noch daemlicher als Marmor in Marmorkuchen zu suchen.

20:26:25 14.05.2009

Erstellt am: 20:26:25 14.05.2009Zitieren

You are Welcomed!

Wow! A new sitelayout, cool! Ok!
Meanwhile I'll work on the translation.
I know of some free tools that translate,
example from German to English to French.
Just with google translate I was able to do
a rough sketch from German to English and
also to French. I was thinking maybe you can
do the spellcheck from German to English and
then I can do the same from English to French,
just a thought, what do you think?

Also, is there an email I can send the files to?

Take care bud,
We shall keep in touch!

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